Bug fixes - Axe - Scythe

  • Fixed an issue with store items in weapon cabinets having giant durability after the level is reloaded.
  • Separated the gather tools (pickaxe, axe, and scythe) to only harvest certain nodes. Some nodes can be harvested by multiple tools.
    • Pickaxe: anything hard or metallic
    • Axe: Trees, cactus, anything made of wood or things that seem chop-able
    • Scythe: anything organic like crops, grass, cactus, dirt


Sand Alpha 0.4.0 109 MB
Version 42 Jun 21, 2019

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Oh, it's been some time after i've last checked this game, now that i got my pc back i'll see all that's new :D

I've added some tools. I have one more "tool" to add and then I'll start working on more missions.

Hey Adam,

Been trying to reach you via email and FB about a publishing opportunity. Is there a better way to contact you?

I check both here and FB daily. Did you try 'Voided Pixel Studio' on Facebook? Something is wrong with my email though I am trying to get it sorted out.

Deleted 126 days ago