Alpha 0.3.4 - Released

Finished up the Orphanage Quest line. At the end you'll have a choice to rid your camp of children or not. I plan on having this affect later quests or story lines further along. If you've played the other quests you will probably have to click the new "RESET MAPS" button in the main menu. This will reset the maps to the new Orphanage map with the person that will offer the 'ridding' of the children.

Also added gun turrets (very rough version of them) to the automation build menu. I am working a lot behind the scenes on the unlock-able tech. Obviously you won't be able to, for example, create robots in the beginning of the game; these should be unlocked through missions or maybe blue prints you find along the way. So yes, I am still working on the game :) I plan on creating the first big city soon (Anchor Rage). It will be the next continuation of the main story line and provide several small side quests. The good thing is they are all already drawn out in my notebook! 


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Version 44 Jul 01, 2019

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