Alpha 0.3.5 - Released

  • Added a new location Anchor Rage
    • No missions here yet but I have about 8(?) NPC's that you will be able to interact with
    • Added new decoration just for the town
  • Added new items
    • Desk and Bookshelf
    • Will probably added some items from the town build as well. (lamp posts, counters, resource piles)
  • Loading screen
    • So Anchor Rage has lots of items so I decided to implement a loading screen when entering locations. Otherwise it would seem like the game would hang when entering the town.
  • MUSIC!
    • Added 5 new musical scores.
    • 4 new tunes will play when exploring the wasteland
    • The original song will play only in your base or camp
    • 1 new song will play in Anchor Rage (and any connected locations)
    • Levels might be off (but it is a start)

So much more probably. It has been 2 weeks of really just slogging through some things and a few moments of fun (art and level design). It is progressing, but the updates are less because I have to do lots of things just for a section to be completed and function correctly. Anyway I hope you enjoy it. I should have probably posted screen shots but it is really late.


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Version 46 Jul 17, 2019

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