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So some of you know I develop using Game Maker 1.4 (I have GM2 just haven't made the switch yet) I've always posted the builds using the slower (but more stable) compiler. I've got a medium specced PC I test and develop on. I've notice in the new Anchor Rage (the biggest town I've made) my fame rate dropped to 90 fps. I know 90 fps is still a very good number, but I want to make this game as accessible as possible. So I tried it with Game Makers YYC compiler (which is C++ maybe?) and got around 120 fps. Much closer to what I feel comfortable with. Most cities will be this size or bigger. Check it out in the download section and tell me what FPS gains you get from it.


Sand Alpha 0.3.5 [FASTER EXPERIMENTAL] 19 MB
Jul 17, 2019

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