Resource Stacks, Tumbleweeds, Wind and more!

Yes the much requested tumbleweeds are finally in the game! Kick 'em around or harvest them for wood. I might make some pop out skellys 'just for fun'. Just so you know the little buggers are annoying, they get stuck on everything. Hey don't say I didn't warn you :).


  • You can now build stacks of resources. 
    • These are nice so you can store lots of resources even if you don't have the storage space. They also serve another purpose [see below].
  • The Export Zone
    • Put resource stacks here and you can bring them on your expedition. Don't die or you'll lose them.
    • Right now they disappear when you re-enter the town but the amounts are added back to your storage. I'll probably change this later on to have the stack reappear(?).
    • This will become more important when you can start manually trading with towns or completing missions that require you to drop off a certain resource. (hint: these might be in the new town)
  • Other changes
    • Added counters and street lamps to build menu.
    • Renamed RESOURCE build list to the new PRODUCTION build list
    • Filled RESOURCE build list with the resource stacks.
    • Inventory is now hidden when you open the build menu. (gives us a little more room for more objects and makes things less cluttered).
    • Wind is more obvious now (and effects tumbleweeds and wind mills). Also there is a wind sound (might be too loud).
    • Changed the art work for the wood windows. Let me know if you like these better and I'll adjust the other windows to match.
    • Once some all of the town [Anchor Rage] missions are done I'll update the version number.
      • Still working on the merchants and getting that functionality right.


Sand Alpha 0.4.0 109 MB
Version 50 Jul 25, 2019
Sand Alpha 0.3.5 [FASTER EXPERIMENTAL] 20 MB
Jul 25, 2019

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