Released 0.3.6

  • Added quests in Anchor Rage
    • 3 quests to unlock the rock, cloth, and meat merchant.
    • Drop of supplies to a mail box object.
    • Buy supplies from a cash register.
  • Added increased movement speed if you have a car or a llama on the world map.
    • Also added different markers
    • Walking speed is now slightly slower
  • Decreased water usage while travelling
  • Fixed an issue when filling up water from a alternate camp.
  • Fixed an issue with places not saving when exiting the game.
  • Now map data is reset when you download a new version of the game. This is so I can update missions and maps without you having to manually reset your map data. Nothing will change really except you will be able to recollect the random resources in a map every update :)
  • Animals no longer pass through stone fences.
  • All windows are updated to the new style.


  • Human bandits
  • Other side quests in Anchor Rage


Sand Alpha 0.3.6 [FASTER EXPERIMENTAL] 20 MB
Jul 29, 2019
Sand Alpha 0.6.15 123 MB
Version 51 Jul 29, 2019

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should I play this game on twitch I checked they do not have this game as a topic to play so no sand streams :(

(1 edit)

Go for it! I have a few YouTube streamers that have played it already. I'd do it but I don't have the time :/

If you make one let me know I'll post it here :)

I already did that I think some peanut are intrested

This game is already really fun, keep up the good work!

Thanks! Will do :)