Released 0.3.7

A kind of minor update but here we go.

  • More Sand
    • Sand now gets tracked onto floors and carpet.
    • Sand can now be cleaned with a new tool. The broom.

  • New Weapon the rifle
    • High damage and long range.
    • Uses a bigger bullet so should be easier to hit things.
    • Slow fire rate and 6 bullets to a mag.
  • New enemy type: Raiders
    • This is considered the second tier enemy (skellies the first tier).
    • Raiders can have bats, machetes, pistols, and shot guns.
    • They have more life and are slightly faster then skellies.
    • The melee characters have the RUSH ability which makes them run towards their target.
    • After they swing their rush skill goes on cool down.
    • Rush skill has a ! symbol so you know that they are rushing.
    • You can still evade them if you sprint at the right time.
    • Right now raiders can be found while exploring around Anchor Rage.
    • This new enemy type will be the ones you fight for the Anchor Rage missions.
  • New exploration zone.
    • The area around Anchor Rage now has twice as much resources BUT also have lots of the new Raider enemies.
    • I'll probably later makes this zone a little more distinctive with maybe a new ground type or building (?).
  • Fixed some issues:
    • Deleting eggs should no longer crash the game.
    • Animals now flash when hit.
    • Lots of little ones.


Sand Alpha 0.6.15 123 MB
Version 53 Jul 30, 2019
Sand Alpha 0.3.7 [FASTER EXPERIMENTAL] 20 MB
Jul 30, 2019

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Awesome, excited to try it out! 👍

Imagine if you hit chicken and their feather went all over the place 

Yes. I like it.