Released 0.3.8

  • Added a mission at Anchorage. Cat Lady.
    • Basically bring the lady a bunch of cats.
  • Added a Robot Sweeper.
    • Art isn't final for it. I might make it a Roomba looking thing.
    • Also added 2 sweepers to Anchorage. The floors where getting quite dirty.

I haven't been able to work as much as I'd have like recently. Some of you know, but my 'real' job is a high school computer science teacher. Last week was the first week with kids back. I am also teaching a new class this year: Principles of Construction. LOL don't ask :)

Things are calming down so I'll have more time to finally finish up the anchorage side quests. Look for one of them to be in an 'underground' location.


Sand Alpha 0.3.8 [FASTER EXPERIMENTAL] 20 MB
29 days ago
Sand Alpha 0.3.10 107 MB
Version 61 29 days ago

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