0.3.10 Released

There is so much in this update I am sure to miss something. I should increase the minor build number to 4 but I feel like I need to finish the mission threads through Anchor Rage first. Most of these system where interconnected so I had to create a lot of things to get everything working right. Adding base raids necessitated healing, mobs, hunger (not really but added it anyway), and improved pathing. 

Mission changes:

  • Tutorial missions: removed the build a weapon cabinet and changed it to talk about NPC jobs and build an upgrade object
  • Added mission to build a Veggie Pot to feed peeps

Overhauled The Path System:

  • Should improve performance by %10 FPS or more. 
  • If something looks wonky with the pathing let me know.

Refactor Shaders and Graphics

  • Changed the way objects are outlined
  • Removed the outline for interactive text
  • This should also give a FPS boost

Hunger System:

  • Camp mate hunger now decreases over time and the more they work.
  • They will have to eat to restore hunger
  • If they don't eat they will slowly lose health and die

New Items:

  • Veggie Pot
    • Place where camp mates can eat veggies to heal and restore hunger. Also free healing for you.
  • Ammo Box
    • Used to refill ammo in base
  • Cotton Tree:
    • A new tree item to farm
    • Takes a long time to grow and produces 2 cloth.
    • Easy early farmable cloth method
    • Woolys are still much more efficient.
    • Haven't decided what job should do the cotton picking.
    • Harvest tool is the scythe

New Mobs:

  • Snake
    • Ranged 'venom'
      • Faster than bullets
      • Might poison or slow in the future
    • Lots of health
  • Roach
    • Melee with a bite
    • low health
    • Fast
  • Slime
    • Jumps to attack
    • Touching it hurts
    • Deadly to melee attackers
    • Probably will split after death (not added in yet)
  • Mobs of different types will attack each other Except the slimes. It only likes human flesh.

Base Raids:

  • Mob types and numbers are dependent on base score (well really number of NPCs)
  • Mob don't start attacking until you have at least one other person.
  • Raid times now vary from 5 to 8 minutes.
  • Warning will be displayed 30 seconds before attack.
  • Right now mobs just attack people. The idea is for them to also target crates and barrels to 'steal' goods.

Change to  Market Booths:

  • Q and E now add and subtract items
  • R and F now switch items in the list
  • The price option is temporarily removed.
  • Holding shift will add 5 items

Bug Fixes:

  • Moved the turn in box for steven farm
  • Getting stuck in fences should be much harder now
  • Rifle now pierces like it should. 1/2 damage for every enemy it passes through.
  • Street lamps now have a cost
  • Double resource bug is fixed
  • Bed hitboxes fixed
  • Signs should no longer hide into walls if built to close
  • Woolies may or may not be attracted to livestock grates anymore
  • A lot more minor ones fixed and probably a lot more created :)


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