Back at it again

I took a little time off for family and work, but I am back putting full time (lol full free time) in this game.

I created a card game (Dicey Crafting) over the past couple of weeks just for fun. You can see it here: This is the second card game I've created and sold (or tired to sell, my other game sold 6 copies).

I've added kids to the game. Of course they will be god-tiered and un-killable; yes, a jab at Fallout 3+. I'll probably make something in the lore about why kids are un-killable: maybe puberty changes something? The first kids will be in a new location, an orphanage. New missions will be available there as well. Expect maybe later this week an update.

Oh also I added signs:


Get Sand: A Superfluous Game

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Perhaps due to the disaster nanobots were released that protect children up until a certain age in an attempt to prevent the extinction of the human race?

They either stop at said age because they are damaged and cannot detect that the teenagers are the same things as the children, or because there is only a limited amount of them and they have been programmed to only protect children, then move on to the next one, as teenagers/adults are better capable of protecting themselves?

Great ideas!

The other Idea I had is that our robot "friend" has that robot that follows us activate an electric shock or something if we try to harm children because it's trying to protect its potential future slav- err, helpers. :)

haha that's a good one too. And fits with the story nicely!